Sponsor A Course


This package includes 1 course of the Gospel Institute for a student that has requested help to finish one of the following courses:

  1. How To Read Your Bible Without Getting Confused
  2. The Gospel Uncut
  3. Unforced Rhythms of Grace
  4. Righteousness + Holy Spirit
  5. Law vs Grace
  6. What Really Happened At The Cross?
  7. The Father’s Love
  8. Book of Romans \ Part 1
  9. Book Of Romans \ Part 2
  10. Roadmap For Reformation
  11. Eschatology
  12. The New + Better Covenant
  13. Leadership

This is a gift towards a student, you are trusting the Gospel Institute Advisory Council to select a student who has reached out + is in need. If you have a specific student in mind, please email before purchase.



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Sponsor A Course \ This gift is tax-deducible, please email gospelinstitute@calvarychurch.cc for more questions